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Causes and handling methods of sponge machinery failure during use

In the course of using, the reasons for the failure of sponge machinery and the way to deal with them are summarized below:

1. Overheating of the knife box
Whether the opening time is too long
Whether the density of the sliced cotton is too high
Adjust the knife box and the knife belt in the straight line of the knife box step, the hand can rotate easily, the knife edge is located 10-6 mm away from the knife box.

Change the knife box when necessary

2. The vibration of the grinding machine is serious
Whether the circumference of the grinding wheel is balanced
The bending deformation of the grinding machine shaft
Change the motor shaft when necessary

The axial pulsation of the grinding wheel

3. The knives are buzzing
The dirt on the surface of the cutter wheel is too thick, and the surface dust is removed with the finer abrasive cloth. Is there any lubricating oil in the bearing position of the passive cutter wheel?
The tensioning device is too loose, the tension belt should be tightened, and the positive and negative direction of the cutter should be in the middle of the cutter wheel.
The installation position of the cutter is not accurate?

Check whether the knife edge is sharp or not.

4, the cutting edge of the knife is serious
Whether the knife belt is sharp or not; there is no reel phenomenon in the knife belt
Whether the knife belt has a beating phenomenon; whether the interface is flat or not
Whether the surface of the cutter wheel is kept clean
Whether the working platform is smooth or not, and whether the track is kept clean.

Whether the knife clamp keeps rising

5. Uneven thickness and uneven thickness
Whether the baffle is parallel to the knife band
Whether the installation position of the knife belt is accurate
Check whether the knife edge is sharp or not.

Adjust the relative position of the rack and gear at both ends to ensure the consistency of both ends.

6. Fracture of the knife often occurs
Check whether the wheel is positive and reverse or not in the middle of the cutter wheel
The cutting tape should be changed to: qualified products and whether the cutter interface is solid.
Whether the shaft and bearing are swinging

Whether the surface of the cutter wheel rubber is notched

7. The noise of the knife belt runs seriously.
Check whether the wheel bearing is damaged or not
Check whether the surface of the cutter wheel is damaged
If the cutter belt is used to grind the worktable layering, adjust the positioning track pulley when necessary.

Whether the knife belt is kept clean

8. The noise is serious on the rise and fall of Longmen
Check whether the column silk rod is lubricated
Check whether there is litter or garbage in the column and sliding sleeve seal ring.