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How to check and prevent the spongy machine before use

In the process of production, we want to use sponge machinery to carry out a smooth and safe production. In mastering the correct operation methods and doing a good job of its daily maintenance, there are many problems to be paid attention to before the use of it. The sponge machinery factory will introduce it.

Before starting the sponge machine, it is necessary to check if there is any leakage in the pipeline, and there is a leak phenomenon. Attention should be paid to technicians' command and coordination when repairing sponge machinery. Close all valves before shutdown and release the remaining gas in the air path. The materials used for sponge machinery are inflammable gases such as acetylene, propane and liquefied petroleum gas. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the whole gas path is well sealed. The operator should control the fire timely in order to avoid fire.

In addition, the air source Department of sponge machinery should strictly prohibit the naked flame and place carbon dioxide or other corresponding fire extinguishing devices around it. In case of emergency, the red emergency stop switch should be pressed immediately to prevent accidents. Hope that the above content can arouse the attention of the majority of users.

Si Rui Machinery tells you how to prevent sponge machine foaming machine failure.
When people use sponge mechanical foaming machine to carry out cutting work, they will encounter some large and small fault problems, which are all normal phenomena.