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The concept and technical state of the foam machine

(1)   Concept
The foam machine is the actual air-entraining machine, it is the nature of the air, the foam in aqueous solution, and its core technology is what is the best way to enter the aqueous solution air to introduce. Foam machine itself can not expect the output bubble, which is dispersed in order to achieve maximum liquid, gas may come into contact interface, so that the foaming agent surfactant in the liquid film on the formation of air into a foaming agent solution electrical double layer surface and air surrounded by a bubble.
Therefore, foam machine, so the bubble. This is a foaming agent in aqueous solution foam air mixture.
The main body of the foam concrete is a bubble, foam fire extinguishing systems, foam machines has become a key device and host of the production of foam concrete. Without it, there is no foam concrete.

(2)   Status
Foam machines first appeared in a foreign country, the original model is a bubble of high-speed rotating impeller system, it is also known as "playing the bubble machine”. Later, as technology continues to progress, central vacuum system the technical content of the foam machine continuously improve the emerging new models, the formation of the different systems. Started using a foam machine in the early 1950s, but not a special foam model, rather than using a mortar mixer. Forthcoming, the foaming agent is added directly to the mortar mixer or concrete mixer, foam machine, mortar or concrete mixing bubble. Later, around the 1970s, began a special foam machine, foam machine, high-speed impeller. Continue to technological transformation and update later, and now has developed into the third generation of models of high-pressure inflatable foam concrete, and can basically meet the demand. However, compared with developed countries, the degree of automation of our foam machine is still relatively low foaming properties have a certain gap between the need for further improvement. From the development trend, the gap is gradually reduced and exit.

The bubble machine at home and abroad, regardless of grade, the number of models, but the principle of bubble division, widely used in high-speed impeller, high-pressure air, low pressure, explosion three types. Different models of the same type, but the difference and its ancillary equipment and automation control, the foam part of the structure is substantially the same.